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Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Shy Servant Of Allah

Assalamualaikum to my beloved brothers and sisters, in shaa Allah this time I was hoping to share a little story I just heard. It is really meaningful and I hope you can spend a little time to read it through.

The story was told by Imam Zahbi.

He say on one night there was  a group of people travelling and when they come to this valley they decided to take a rest there so that they can store enough energy for tomorrow journey.

As they were preparing themselves to sleep, a lion suddenly shows up. In this emergency situation, they quickly jump out of their bed and climb any tree they could hold on to so that they could take shelter from the lion.

But there was one person who already started his Qiyam ul layl (night prayer).  The lion come closer and closer to this man but he didn't even move a bit. He kept praying although he knows that the lion was there.

So, the lion keep walking around the guy then after a few minutes it turn away and left the guy.

When the other guys came down. They all said :


They said :

"the lion was there but you didn't move"

The guy then said,

"Wallahi(I swear by Allah) I felt shy"

I'm standing in front of Allah and I fear something else...

What level of khusyoo he had right ?

Honestly my brothers and sisters, if we look at ourselves, Most of us when we stand in front of Allah the creator of heaven and earth. WE ARE DAY DREAMING !!

Allah is watching us and He knows everything that we are thinking in our heart . Allah gave us the opportunity to talk to HIM THE KING OF KINGS. Yet, how foolish we are .

Please my brothers and sisters, appreciate your salah because you never knows that it may be your last !!