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Friday, 8 February 2013

The Last Reminder

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters in Islam. It has been quite a long time since the last time I updating my blog and this time I want to share with you about a little reminder about the world we live in.

Allah SWT say in the Quran :

" this Quran we have given man so many different types of examples so that they think."

But Allah says later :

"  so many people have just refused "

They have rejected. They don't want to believe.

My beloved brothers and sisters, an effort is required to come closer to Allah. I swear by Allah, if we come closer to HIM we will see miracles in our life.

We dedicate our days for salah, without missing one salah. No matter  what may come to you, see what happen !! Allah will create a way for you. Miracles will happen ..

Allah will grants you contentment of the heart. But, if there was a person who want to do sin all time. I swear by Allah , he will continue becoming more and more sophisticated, he will waste his time and life.

My brothers, if this reminder is not enough for us. What are we waiting for ? How many reminders would you like to list down before you turn to Allah ? 200 MAYBE...

In shaa Allah there will come a day when you will strike the 200 reminders. Will you turn then ??

If you going to turn at 200 then you would rather turn now so that you can use all the time you waste just to list down all of it to become closer to Allah Azza Wajala..

Because who knows that we might die at 150 !!

Allah says in the Quran :

"..some people no matter who tells them, no matter who reminds them , they don't want to be reminded, they don't want to take heed"

Allah even says that if the angel were brought in front of them .. THEY WOULDN'T TURN..


Allah love you and that is why you are still breathing right now :)

Turn to HIM before you return HIM !!!

Ali ra says :

"People are asleep and they will wake up when they die"

wake up o Muslim...

--- speech by mufti ismail menk :)


  1. May Allah bless you for taking the time to remind us all of what really matters :)

  2. The only reason I do this because of Allah and also because I love our muslim brothers n sisters very2 much :)

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  4. the atmosphere of tarbiyah currently fading once we're out of the school life.. now it's really up to us.. ^_^

    salam muhibbah
    ex-sahutian @ plkn

  5. Asalaaamoalikum to All Muslims brothera and sisters this blog is amazing for islamic point of view keep it up...

  6. Assalaamu alaykum, you should also write down, this one was taken from one of Mufti Menk great lecture