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Saturday, 9 February 2013

If You Love Someone SO SO Much

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters. In shaa Allah this time let us talk a little bit regarding our social interaction with someone that we can get married with.

My brothers,

If you love a girl so so much and you was hoping to have her as your wife but you still in a school and you don't have enough money to take care of her then what should you do ?

At the same time you also want to be a good muslim  and don't want to break the law of Allah. 


Well, first of all the prophet Saw mention that if you are a young man and you can't get married then you should fast.

The other thing is that you shouldn't be around that person you love so so much.

That is like being in a kitchen with a chocolate cake that you like so so much and your parents they leave you to go to work and they leave the cake on the table just like that.

At that time you at the upstairs and the cake is downstairs. Then, you come downstairs and you look at the cake that you love so so much. But, you didn't cut the cake, you just take a little piece of chocolate and put it on your tongue and then you run away.

However, once you get the chocolate in your mouth. THAT'S IT !!

Because after that you going to love it more and more..

The chances is that when your parents come home, there will be a slice out of that cake.

Its the same with boys and girls. If you spend improper time together against the law of Allah where you are always talking on the phone, visit each other, see each other in the school, bus stop, cafe then it isn't going to take more than 6 months until something so so bad happen.

If you truly love her then you should respect her and leave her alone. You don't even have the right to write to her or call her. If you miss her so so much then express that love to Allah. Tell Allah everything.

By the time you have everything you need then ask your parent to go and see her parents. Tell them you want to marry her.

That is better than you wasting your time chasing her on the wrong path. I pray to Allah that all of us get to be with the one we love :)))



  1. Alhamdhulliah!!! may Allah bless u with a blissful life ......Ur doing really good job ..Ur advises help me a lot ..mashallah keep it up....

    1. Im a muslim and proud to be it!