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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Today is The Key for Tomorrow


Alhamdulilah, first of all let us thank Allah for giving us all the opportunity to take a breath at this moment and time because by Allah each second we have is so precious but sadly most of us didn't realize about it.

It have been quite some time since my last sharing with you all :)
I guess I cannot help it because there are quite issue going around me this weeks.

I ask Allah to open our heart to accept the truth and give us strength to walk and stay on the path.

Alright, actually today is quite a great day to me. Today, I have participate in 3 awesome events you can say .  It was quite tiring but I manage to go through it somehow ^^

Why is it I say today is the key for the future ?
simple to understand right. All of us have a point somewhere in this life to turn our life 180 degree, all that differentiate us is either we grab it or leave it.

well, basically that is what I learn today.

To be honest with you all, last night something happen and I was quite sad yet happy . Allah have taken away something that I want to hold on to but now I realize something, looking back almost everything I plan and wish for never go through.

Allah always plan the best. We all know that right however its up to us to stay believe that He got something better for us or not. 

My brothers and sisters I choose to stay firm and keep on believe in Him and by His will  I will keep on doing so and I hope so do you. 

Life is a journey. We share and walk on this path together. This is what I learn here :

This is my halaqah group :D

It is a group form by us where here we gathered and talk about the religion we love so much, Islam ...

I learn today that despite the hardship I might face now, there will always will be someone who experience a greater pain and for that reason I might stay strong and hold on to the dream I have which is to wake up the Ummah. 


Think about it, it is up to us to revive the ummah not anyone else.
If we stay afraid and hiding behind our own shadow
nothing will change


Each one of us is an asset of Islam
We have to battle our own self in order to become a true slave of Allah

Get it ? 


After quite some time there, I went to a celebration party of ProMahasiswa with brother Bukhairy :

He is quite a great man. He teach me a lot about the importance of relationship in the muslim ummah. Tonight we went to the party and eat roti canai . 

They were all so happy because their party had won in this year election. I'm happy for them too . Finally, after finish all the work here we went home to University Malaya.

Just when I thought all of this is over. I went to my Arabic class and it looks like there were still there and alhamdulilah I manage to learn quite a few things today although it just for a couple of minutes.

This is my ustaz or teacher . A really nice young man :

I know now that all of us is in an examination room
we are the candidates and Allah is the examiner.

He give us hardship not because He wants trouble for us but it is for our own benefits.

We might do not see it now 
But just keep on believe in Him.

Allah have a plan and His plan will always be the best for us

may Allah guide us all and keep us on the right path..aminn
may He forgive our sins.. aminn
may His mercy shine upon us all.

Thank you and assalamualaikum :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

YES ! It is HARD

Assalamualaikum to all my dear brothers and sisters.

Alhamdulilah for I still have been given a little bit of time from Allah to share something with you guys here. After all, my final examination will be held tomorrow. Quite scary to think about it but I put trust to Him to guide me and do my best tomorrow in shaa Allah. 

oh, pray for my success please :) love you all for the sake of Allah .

So, in shaa Allah as for this time I will talk about some tips or maybe some reminders you would say. Honestly, it just come to my mind a few days ago.

How to OBEY and LEAVE 

Actually the point I want to speak out here is about the commandments of Allah.

We all know that Islam is AD-DEEN . Islam is  the true way of life.
Our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have sacrifice so many things just for us to understand and practice the way of Islam.

...This day I have perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion…] (Qur’an 5: 3)

We have to understand that Islam is a complete guideline for us to have a better live not only in this world but also the hereafter.

Allah says in the Quran :

“And verily, this is my Straight Path so follow it, and follow not other paths, for they will separate you away from His Path. This He has ordained for you that you may become pious.” (Qur’an 6:153)

That is why we have to understand that  everything that Islam teaches us is actually for our own benefits. We might do not see it for now but  if we put our mind together  and think for a moment.


The first thing is to have a strong belief  in anything that islam teach.
That way it will open the door for us to actually walk the path of Allah.

The second step is :


Now, I don't think I'll have to explain a lot to you guys regarding this one. As we all know, Allah the One who can see everything. Nothing pass His side except that He knows it.

Even our own thought ! Trust me, HE KNOW and He is watching every step that we take. That is why on the day of Judgement Allah will question every single thing that we have done in this world.


Don't you feel ashamed to have what you had done ?
Imagine if you did that thing in front of the religious person that you respect the most in your country !! Do you not feel shame ?

So, what about Allah ? YOU DID IT AND ALLAH IS WATCHING.

That is why my brothers and sisters, 
if you truly love Allah 


then STOP 



If you still want to continue doing  'that'
then remember Jahannam might be your resting place because of 'that' !

no.... it is far from be a place to rest. It is a place where you neither live or die.
It is a place where each seconds is regret


If you want too see more about jahannam to open your stubborn heart than

So, all I want to say is I love you all truly for the sake of Allah and I hope  that we all can see each other if not in this world then in shaa Allah  in jannah :)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Haram is HARAM & Halal is HALAL

Assalamualaikum my  dear brothers and sisters...

Its been a very long time since I have the time to post something to share with you guys here. Well, first time living in a university is quite tough and challenging I must say. It really open my eyes and heart to be here.

Since the last two weeks a couple of ikhtilat problem among students here has inspire me to wrote this to you all. Hope it can be helpful and eye opening for us all as Muslims in this deceiveful world.

My dear,
The most dangerous way of thinking 
in muslims today is


It is a disease that have strike us all without we even realize its coming.
Don't blame it on the media,
Don't blame it on the west,


I do not need to say and teach you what is forbidden and halal,
you know them better than I am
but miraculously we see muslims today have be blind about it.

Its like we already know the food is poisoned but we say

' its fine '

and we foolishly drink it.

My dear brothers and sisters,
your pure intention doesn't make your action halal.

Here, we have a film maker who want to produce an islamic love movie,
when the youth heard about we say :

'' WOW, this must be goooood ''

But as the  film is been broadcast we can watch tons of HARAM action such as a muslim man is touching the woman's hand who are not his mahram.

But when the producer is asked about it , what did he reply !! 

he said :

" its normal this day for man to touch woman "

I said Jahannam is far from being a normal place to live in my brothers and sisters.

and that is just a small fragments of thousand of unlawful acts that have been broadcast dirtying our teenagers today.

All I want say is, when we know that something is HARAM..

don't ask why..
If Allah and His Rasool had said so then leave it and you'll be save.

Don't try to change it and make it look halal because akhi,


So, akhi wake up . NOT TOMORROW but TODAY.

"…Whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it and whatsoever he forbids you from, refrain [from it]." [Hashr:7]
"Say: If you love Allah then follow me, Allah will love you and will forgive you your sins. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. Say: Obey Allah and the Messenger. If they turn away, then Allah indeed does not love those who disbelieve." [Imran:30-31]

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hijrahku Bermula Di KL


Alhamdulilah sewaktu Allah mengizinkan ku untuk menulis catatan ini
sudah hampir 3 minggu pengembaraanku bermula


Perjalanan aku dan keluaga dari bumi Kelantan memakan masa kira-kira
9 jam.

Pendaftaran ku pada hari sabtu tetapi kami sudah tiba pada hari jumaat :)

masa mula2 sampai kat KL


tapi Alhamdulilah segalanya dipermudahkan dengan bantuan

Masalah seterusnya bermula apabila tak dapat jumpa hotel untuk menginap.
Hampir 3 jam keliling KL sehinggalah akhirnya dapat juga satu hotel 
nama apa entah :P

Pada hari pendaftaran
kul 8 pagi dah bercacak kat dalam universiti malaya

satu je boleh kata
kawasan dalam UM sendiri pun dah sgt luas sehingga macam kat lebuhraya :3

mula2 igt nak cuba dpatkan satu bilik dgn kawan ku mustaqim tapi
Allah ada rancangan yg lebih baik and finally ~~~

Inilah dia room mate ku namanya Hanif B Abdul Hamid ^^
Orang Perak nooohhh ^^

hehe abaikan background tu yer..

haaa ni plak meja studyku yg baru di bilik yg baru :)

Untuk seminggu yg pertama ni
kami semua pelajar 

Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya

kami diwajibkan mengikuti program 
Minggu Haluan Siswa

yang diuruskan oleh senior kami tahun lpas

program ni memang seriously best 
tapi letihhhh sangat ^^

semua orang sporting jer
time ni semua orang dibahagikan dalam mcm2 group
aku dalam kumpulan G4

nak ditakdirkan dilantik jadi ketua G4 :)

tapi waktu bersama kumpulanku tak lama 
sbb aku dimasukkan dalam satu kumpulan khas iaitu


Group ni khas utk menguruskan malam terakhir nanti
aku ditugaskan dalam kumpulan drama :3

tapi nasib baik dapat jd watak sampingan jer ^__^

yang baju kuning tu semua KESPER.

semasa kat sini kami belajar 2 tarian yg sgt best

Gummy Bear Dance
Shi xua xua


Pada malam terakhir semua orang menari ^^

Memang best sgt2...

pada malam tu semua penat lelah kami kumpulan KESPER
sgt berbaloi :))

semua org bersorak untuk setiap persembahan especially
kumpulan drama :D

ni gambar all KESPERIAN

Selepas tamat minggu MHS
maka bermulalah minggu kuliah
hanya kuliah selama 2 minggu

mcm2 ilmu dapat,
 moto kami disini


walau apapun kami kat sini nekad nak dapatkan 4 flat
utk kejar cita masing2 ^^

almost setiap hari aku akan wake up early and went to bilik audi tempat kuliah
dgn jiran sebelah 


yg paling kiri tu hazwan and paling kanan fahmi ^^

esok in shaa Allah bermula minggu sebenar pengajian sebenar
Allah telah takdirkan aku di group R1

harap sgt semuanya berjalan lancar

kat sini aku paling rapat dgn seorang fasi nama kak jasmin
she gave me 2 buku fizik 

hehe jimat budget plus its really useful

masih igt lagi kata2 dia 

" I have hope in u "

wahhh,, memang bersemangat lah lpas dgr kata2 tu
harap dpat terus kekal cam tu 
in shaa Allah ^^

meskipun dugaan disini agak byk dan byk perkara yg dah berlaku
tapi jujur
aku redha
sbb aku yakin walau apapun yg terjadi Allah sentiasa menyediakan yg lebih baik utkku
di masa hadapan..

and finally ni gambar kami budak2 kelantan kat PASUM ni :)

kami harap dapat mengharumkan nama kelantan jugak kat sini.
semoga Allah merahmati semua pelajar PASUM 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Way Of Giving Advise In Islam

Bismillahirahmanirahim =)

Alhamdulilah, Allah The Most Merciful still giving us this opportunity to keep learning and spreading this beautiful religion of His.

In Shaa Allah ^_^

This time I hope to share with all dear beloved brothers and sisters


If we want to advise someone
we must follow this 3 rules 

otherwise it is better for us to just keep quiet

This principles to advise need to be obey when we want to give advise 

This principles were created so that the advise will affect their heart


~Never correct someone when you angry~

Most of us only correct people when we angry. That is wrong !!


~Never correct someone in front of people~

we need to correct them secretly just between you and he. Don't bring someone else. Enough with only the two of you


~Never use 'you' but you need to use 'we'~

Rather than say 'you recite the Quran wrong'
say ' WE should do it this way'

Get IT ?

If you can obey this 3 simple principles then you can give your advise to anyone you care :)

we are all brothers and sisters so correct among us in the right way 

That way 

In shaa Allah

It will give ease for each of us to change

Its all begin in us !!!

Don't wait for others to obey this principles


~ Wallahualam ~

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tests From Allah

Asslamualaikum my brothers and sisters.

Living in this worlds only means that we are being examined by Allah. This world is an exam room and we are the candidates. As one one of them, we should open our heart and imaan and see everything that happen here is nothing more but a test from our dear Almighty The Most High.

Brothers and sisters

Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works
You might be planning a marriage with a sister or a brother in Islam and everything is going well but then the marriage is  cancel.

You might be planning a wonderful holiday
but something happen and the holiday is called off.

You might be planning for a beautiful life with few children and a beautiful house on a mountain and to be a righteous family but subhanaallah something goes WRONG.

Your health strikes you or something else happen and unfortunately this beautiful dream that you had, doesn't really pan out like you dream.

This is a reality of life


For Allah has said in the Quran :

"And we will surely TEST you by something of fear and poverty(hunger)"

Allah will test us in many ways.


"However give glad tidings to the patient ones those who when a difficulty strikes them they say : Verily we belong to Allah and to Him is our return"

So my brothers and sisters,
Don't be negative when something negative strikes you 
remember that negativity is you perceiving it 


Its actually positive because everything Allah does is always for a positive cause.

He always wants good for us and He wants us to be better and have eternal life in Jannah.

So, no doubt, if Allah decrees something for us
MUST have a good intention behind it

There Is A Silver Lining Behind The Cloud

If you think things are not working out for you that is because perhaps you need to open up your mind and look for the positivity in something.

Perhaps Allah wants to educate us

Perhaps Allah wants us to have patient

Perhaps Allah want to increase our reward

Perhaps Allah want to save us from something evil or harmrful

Even the loss of your loved one ! At the end of the day there must be a lesson in it for us.

So, be positive and In shaa Allah your difficulty will become ease.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our Beloved Book of Allah

Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters.
As I am writing this taskirah for you and me, I was listening to the words of Allah recited by our dear brother.

My heart was touch
I felt so calm
Indeed, Quran is the greatest miracle we can ever hope for

The only book on the face of the earth that has been preserved for more than 1400 years

No errors
No changes
No contradiction

A book that challenges you to come up with something like it... Yet none of the famous author, the great poets...



The words of Allah is the answer for everything.

If you have committed sin and you feel that you can't come back to Allah

Allah SWT says in surah Zumar 

" say : O my servant who have trangressed againts their souls, don't despair of the mercy of Allah for Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, He is the forgiving, the Most Merciful "

If you are going through hardship and you feel everything is difficult for you

Allah SWT says in surah sharh

" Verily with every difficulty there is ease "

Allah also say in another surah

" Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest "

If you feel lonely in life, you have no one to go to

Allah says in surah Baqarah

" Allah is the protector of those who have faith. He brings them out of the darkness into the light "

Read the Quran my brothers and sisters and you will be at peace. 
You want to know about science ?
You want to read an interesting story?
You want to know about business?

Everything is in the Quran =)

Al Quran is command send by Allah for us to follow. Not to be left behind. It is the perfect guidance.

Allah says :

" Successful are the believers "

Later on Allah says :

" They are those who faithfully observe their trusts and covenants "

My brothers and sister, Allah doesn't just command us to read the Quran.

Allah says :

" Do they not reflect upon the Quran ? Or are there locks upon their hearts ? "

So my brothers and sisters, if we walk away from Allah. Indeed, we are truly destroying ourselves.

Turn back to Allah and learn the Quran so that your heart will become closer to Allah Azza Wajala

In shaa Allah :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Imam Give Dawah In a Night Club

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters.

When we talk about da'wah which is spreading the truth to others no matter if he is a believer or not. It is actually a responsibility that Allah has bestow upon you and me. Since the first time we hold the muslim title, it is our duty to spread this very da'wah .

Now, some of us might have done it with our family, friends and relatives. But, ask ourself this very question :

" To what extend I will go for this da'wah ?"

Da'wah is actually one of many ways we can express our love not just for our religion but also for our dear brothers and sisters.

Prophet Rasulullah saw said :

" Do not complete the iman of a believer until they love one another just as they love themselves "

A night club is a place where sins is committed especially by our young brothers and sisters today. In shaa Allah I want to share with all of you this time a story of an Imam. A brave one. The one who will stand for HAQ .

One day, in a masjid after finish praying isya' the elders saw a young brother where they know that this exact person was the one who always go to the night club. So, they came close to him and ask him :

" What makes you comes here ? "

While tears began to flows, he said :

" This is my story "

The imam of the area where I live, he is a man whose beard has grey. One day after praying isya' he look to the ma'mun and he saw only the elders was there so he ask them :

" Where our young brothers ? I do not see anybody except the elderly here"

The elders replied :

" Our young brothers and sisters are in the night club "

The imam asked again :

"What are they doing at the nightclub? What benefit will they have there ? "

They said :

" The nightclub have alcohol, dancers and women. Our young brothers are there singing and listening to the music "

The imam's heart began to feel sad and he look at the gathering in the mosque. He said :


They said to him :

"You are crazy. There is nothing there except alcohols and women. There is only in it nasty woman of the lowest kind "

The Imam said to them :


Only a few went with him there, Maybe 3 or 4 . As they reach the place, the bodyguards there stop the imam from entering the nightclub. The said to the imam :

" Are you lost ? This not a place for such as you. You should find the mosque. "

The imam said to them :

" No, I'm not lost. I come here to call our brothers and sisters in this place back to Allah. So, let me in "

The bodyguards won't allow him in until finally the call the owner of the nightclub. When he came, he said to the imam :

"I will not let you in because this is  my provision. I will not let you ruin my provision "

Then, the imam said to him :

" I want to make a deal with you, what if I give you the same amount of money that the brothers and sisters have spent here in the nightclub tonight ? I will give you all of it. Only if you let me in and talk to the brothers and sisters in it "

The owner finally agree to let the imam in.

When he enter the nightclub, the imam went straight on the stage and said these words to all the people in it :

" O young brothers and sisters of the ummah, Allah SWT didn't created us to waste time. Allah SWT didn't created us to play games. Allah SWT creates us to worship HIM and Obey HIM. "

Allah SWT said in His book :

" Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned ?

The imam keep on saying :

" Do not let yourself sink in the sins my brothers and sisters. Keep yourself away from sins. Give up the things of drug and alcohol and fornication and other sins. I am truely to you a WARNER "

When the imam walked out. Wallahi not even a single person stays behind.

So, my brothers and sisters. Take this story and keep it inside your heart. Spread this very da'wah even if others tell you to not.

Wallahi the reward you will get in the hereafter is much better than this whole world can offer you.