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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tests From Allah

Asslamualaikum my brothers and sisters.

Living in this worlds only means that we are being examined by Allah. This world is an exam room and we are the candidates. As one one of them, we should open our heart and imaan and see everything that happen here is nothing more but a test from our dear Almighty The Most High.

Brothers and sisters

Sometimes life throws a spanner in the works
You might be planning a marriage with a sister or a brother in Islam and everything is going well but then the marriage is  cancel.

You might be planning a wonderful holiday
but something happen and the holiday is called off.

You might be planning for a beautiful life with few children and a beautiful house on a mountain and to be a righteous family but subhanaallah something goes WRONG.

Your health strikes you or something else happen and unfortunately this beautiful dream that you had, doesn't really pan out like you dream.

This is a reality of life


For Allah has said in the Quran :

"And we will surely TEST you by something of fear and poverty(hunger)"

Allah will test us in many ways.


"However give glad tidings to the patient ones those who when a difficulty strikes them they say : Verily we belong to Allah and to Him is our return"

So my brothers and sisters,
Don't be negative when something negative strikes you 
remember that negativity is you perceiving it 


Its actually positive because everything Allah does is always for a positive cause.

He always wants good for us and He wants us to be better and have eternal life in Jannah.

So, no doubt, if Allah decrees something for us
MUST have a good intention behind it

There Is A Silver Lining Behind The Cloud

If you think things are not working out for you that is because perhaps you need to open up your mind and look for the positivity in something.

Perhaps Allah wants to educate us

Perhaps Allah wants us to have patient

Perhaps Allah want to increase our reward

Perhaps Allah want to save us from something evil or harmrful

Even the loss of your loved one ! At the end of the day there must be a lesson in it for us.

So, be positive and In shaa Allah your difficulty will become ease.



  1. Thank you, it turned out for me, God bless you

  2. Alhamdulilah :) may God bless you too ^^

  3. ALLAHu Akbar !!!!
    There is no God but ALLAH(swt) and Muhammad(s) is the messenger and final prophet of ALLAH.
    All praise is to ALLAH master of the worlds.

    1. indeed, Allah is the Owner of Everything including ourselves ^^ we are created to worship and believe in Him alone ..