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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hell The Ultimate Despair

Assalamualaikum my dear brother and sisters in Islam. I pray to Allah that all of you are in a great health. In shaa Allah for this time lets take a look into the ultimate punishment that all of us want to avoid. Even the bad guy don't want to get into this one.

My Brothers and sisters its HELL.

Hell is a fire. Hell is a place that Allah swt  has already created and when Allah swt create it He said,

"O Jibrail, go and look at my hellfire".

Then the angel look at it. After that he went to Allah and he said,

"O Allah, anyone who hears about the hellfire, they will never go into it "

Then Allah surrounded the hellfire with temptations, with ease and Allah said to Jibrail "Now go and look at my hellfire"

And Jibrail after look at it said,

"O Allah, I am afraid that nobody will escape it"

The hellfire and paradise argue with each other,

Paradise : I am Allah mercy. In me are the poor, the meek and the humble.

Hellfire : I am Allah punishment, I am the wrath of Allah and in me are the arrogant and the proud.

Both of them were competing with each other who is the superior.

Allah then said to them,

"The paradise, yes you are mercy and you will be filled. The hellfire you are my wrath and you will be filled "

Allah is going to fill both of them. This is the fact !!

Hellfire is a place where lies extreme pain beyond your wildest imagination.

Torturing your physical, mental, spiritual. He will burn the skin of the people. Then He will recreate the skin and burn the skin again. The process will be repeating over and over. You will feel the pain that at such degree that you will scream. But no one will help you.

People will cry in agony for a drink and they will get it. THEY WILL GET A BOILING WATER.
The water will scald their face, burn their inside.

They will also drink from a river, a river that is made from the pus that flow from the wounds of people in hellfire. 

The food will be from the tree of zakoom . The tree which like the head of the devil and it is so bitter that when people try to eat it, they will not want to do it but they will force themselves to do so because there is nothing else in hellfire.

This a place where people will nether live nor die.

The smallest punishment of Hellfire is that a person will wear a pair of sandles of fire and their brain will boil. That is the smallest punishment !! But he or she will think that it is the biggest punishment because of the pain.


The fire itself had been burn for 3000 years and its colour is black. The cloth that is wear by the people in hell, if it is hung between the heaven and earth, everything on the earth will burn and that is only the cloth !!

My brothers and sisters, do you really want this to be your end ?


That is why, use this little time Allah still give to us to obey Allah. Repent if you have sin. Never think that your deeds  are enough because you will never know when it is enough.

In a hadith said  " if one person  see hell just a glimpse, he will cry until blood come out his eyes because of fear to hellfire"

May Allah forgive us all and make us on those who enter paradise. In Shaa Allah :)

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  1. May Allah (SWT) preserv us from the hellfire.