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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sins Disappear Just Like That ? Yup.

Bismillah, in shaa Allah this is one of the old post I wrote based on the lecture I heard on youtube. I think from the channel known as the merciful servant.

So let us try to get some benefits from it in shaa Allah ^^

On the day of judgement, the angel will call the believers and then he will grab them. Then, the angel will bring us straight to Allah SWT without any delay.

Arriving near the Maker our God.

Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said,

"Allah will say to them : My servant come closer to me"

there are some special servant that Allah will say to them  come closer to me.

The servant will keep coming closer until finally the lights cover him and there is between him and Allah a veil, a different type of a veil than the veil we know in this world. No angel can see or hear. Only between him and Allah..

Allah said to his servant,

"look at your records"

and he see his sins

Allah said to him "didn't you know that you did this sin and I could see you? Didn't you  know that this day will come? Didn't you know today I will question you? DIDN'T YOU KNOW..

He will say "My Lord, I did"

Allah  will continue asking, "Why did you did it?"

The servant continue to keep quiet and do not reply until finally the servant will say "O My Lord for you to throw me into hell fire is easier than to judge me standing before you with this sin "

So then He look at another page and He see another sin, worse than the other. Sins keep growing !!

In the end the poor believer said "I'm actually go to  hell, my deeds haven't been accepted. I've done all this wrong things and that is why my good deeds had been invalid"

So when he is certain that he is going to end up in hell fire Allah says to him,

"My servant, you know how you kept it(sins) a secret  in the former life?"

He say "yes"

Allah say "why did you keep it a secret?"

he say "because I was ashamed of it"

Allah says "don't you see, I kept it a secret in the former life? I didn't expose you and that was part of my mercy and today I will keep it a secret, I will not expose it"

Allah turn the page and he see his first good deed, He turn the page and there was another good deeds. The good deeds keeps on growing. Then Allah turn to the previous page back, the record of his sins are empty, it have been wipe off. The sins is forgotten.

How mercy is Allah right :)))

The conclusion for this I want to bring out here is,

" Allah's mercy is so supreme, you cannot even begin to imagine it. That is why, scholars  says that, anyone who enter into hell fire means he have skip every possible opportunity that Allah has grant to him during his life in this world. The opportunity is each second we have my brother, the opportunity is now when you read this. "

Never ever give up on your repentance, it is not permissible for us to do so. One honest repentance is all that is needed to erase the entire sins you have !!



  1. hey, can you give conclusion for this post?
    am not clear with this post. :)

  2. ALLAH telah bantu kita dengan menutup aib hambaNya.. MAshaAllah..alhamdulillah :)

  3. it tell us how mercy Allah is,, even though we keep on doing sins but Allah hide the sins from everyone else. Allah didn't expose it.

    It also told us that Allah always forgive his slave because HE is Ar Rahim :)

  4. can you please tell the source of this hadith?? book name n number?? very comforting hadith...thank you...