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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


You know at this moment in time, you may do wrong. You know what? You want to do  wrong, you can do it !! Your mother and father won't find out. You may probably go all the way to Las Vegas after making sure that non of your relatives and your parents have a clue to what you do.

But you know what? He is watching every single thing you do and every words your tongue utter..

He knows about it and He will inform you on the day of judgement. The angel recording your deeds my brothers and sisters. You can't hide, you can't get away. The angel is recording you and they will inform Allah of what you did. If you want to deny what the angel tell Allah, then my friends the earth were you walk will begin to say,

"O Allah, Abdullah was here on the 4 Dec, at 9 pm, O Allah he was here, I saw him !! He was here"

If you still try to deny, then my friends.. You always says that these body parts are yours, they belong to you. The eyes which you are using at this moment is yours. At least that is what you always believe. But my friend, on that day, you will realize that you don't even have control over your own tongue, you have no control over your hands. My friend they will not be loyal to you that day !!

When you stand in front of Allah. You are saying "O Allah I didn't do this, O Allah I didn't commit this sin"

Then your hands will say "O Allah, no, he's lying he committed this sin Allah"

You try to say something using your tongue but you will realize that even your tongue is denying you. There is nothing you can do on that day my  friends.

However my friends, Allah still give us time right now. Use it wisely so that on that day you will not regret :)) may Allah guide us all .. In Shaa Allah ^^

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