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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Diamonds Of Islam

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters of Islam. In Shaa Allah for  today I will mention a little bit about  the precious asset of Islam.

The Woman Of Islam.

One day, a muslimah had been asked a question.

"Why do you cover your head ?"

She said " well I don't know, I just do it as most woman in Islam do it"

This is the reality for most of our precious diamonds today. They consider it as nothing more than a culture. "everyone do it so I guess I just do it  because I don't want to be the weird one". ASTAGHFIRULLAH.

My dear sisters,

Allah create you in such manner, so beautiful, so soft because you are precious. That is why only a certain chosen people have the right to see your beauty.

To make us understand better, lets create a situation.

One day, If I came to your house and I asked you,

"can I see your diamonds ? Can I see your money ? Can I have your pin number ? "

You will never give it to me because that is precious to you. Surely you will not easily give to everyone to see it.

Well, our woman in Islam are more precious than any diamonds in the world !

Our woman dresses to please Allah

This woman she look in the mirror, Se make sure she dresses appropriately , make sure is covered perfectly. So, when she go out in the street Allah is please with her.

My dear sisters,

Do not  fall in love with this dunya, do not throw away your iman by doing something that is forbidden by Allah. Allah love you so much that Allah want you to be always pure. That is why Allah create a law like this.

It is not just cover your awrah but also how you interact with the man, remember man always have something call lust and that is why you need to interact carefully so that both of you can preserve your iman.


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