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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Do You Really Love Allah ?

Assalamualaikum to my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. In Shaa Allah in this golden opportunity I would like to make us all understand a little bit about what or how much blessing we have when we are a muslim.

My dear brothers,

Try to take a look in all of us,whenever we does action that are permissible or even disliked like gathering where there are football match or any other activity where people gather together. We feel a sense of joy because we got the opportunity to participate in that gathering.

We don't want to go into detail about the group of people however , we want to learn lesson from this. How do you know that you have truly practice and understand your religion. Is it that you become happy when you obeyed Allah?

My brothers, do not perform the worship of Allah like a checklist of what you have to do on that day. But perform it as a mean to get closer to Allah.

Allah swt is not harmed by your disobedience but rather it is you who will be destroyed if you disobey HIM. Dying in the state of Islam is better than dying in disbelief.

It was narrated in the dua of the righteous people where the said,

"O Allah! I love you even if I sometimes disobey you"

Amr Ibn Al-As on his death bed say,

"O Allah, I am not innocence(free from sins) so forgive me...Nor am I strong so please give me victory. Surely, there is no power except YOU"

If Allah SWT has written for you to pray fajr in jama'a. As you are leaving for masjid for prayer , you should feel joyous that Allah due to his mercy has woken you from your sleep and put you in front of Him and place you in His house to worship Him.

Allah gave us Islam without us even asking for it. Be grateful my brothers and sisters for this gift from Allah.

Please think before you want to gather in the crowd of people. Think of what you are doing. Ask yourself,

"Is this will please Allah"

Many of us when we gather to watch football, we leave our salah. So many of us could wake up as early as in 3 am to watch football but how many of us did tahajjud pray on that time?

When will you wake up ??? Allah is watching every single thing that you do !! You say you love Allah but is you action show that you love Allah.

~think carefully~


  1. A alkm,ur words hv really touched ma hrt and 4 a moment i thgt about the swalah issue on leavin' dem and engaging in worldly affairs.It's true we humans r jst passin' by thus a dy wll cm and breath wll b snatched away 4rom us.Give it a thgt hw ur 1st dy in the grave wll b.Think!!!

    1. u know bro. Allah really love us and the greatest prove is He's giving u a chance to read this post and the second one is your life. Meaning u are still leaving and each second we have is the time Allah still give to us to turn back to HIM.

      may Allah bless u, me and all muslims ameen :D