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Monday, 24 December 2012

Our Deen VS Christmas

We the muslim of these times and especially those who living in the west. We have a lot of problems. There are a lot of  problems all over the world of different kind but as muslims our most important concern is our iman.

Yes we need food to eat, clothes to wear, water to drink, house to live in, we need job and we like all other people have all sorts of need but our main fundamental  most important need is to preserve our iman and to please Allah swt.

But before you can preserve your iman you need you need to build it. 

Some people are coming into Islam but many are standing on the verge of kufr so much that they are actually leaving Islam without they even realize it. Many  other people claim to be muslim but have no respect to Allah.

They are more concerned about pleasing the media and people at large.

They want to be more western than the western. They want to be whiter than the white. They want to be more British than the British.

The Muslims want to be more christian than the christian itself !! ASTAGHFIRULLAH

With christmas coming now, many people are celebrating it but even many christian do not celebrate christmas .

WHY ? Because they know this is not when the Jesus was born. Christian scholar themselves know that Jesus was not born in winter. Jesus was born in spring.

Quran say in surah Maryam :

when Isa was to be born, Maryam left the town and she sought refuge under a palm tree and Allah command her, " O maryam shake the tree and the fresh date will fall upon you"

So Maryam according to the Quran gave birth to Isa when there were fresh dates on palm tree and that doesn't happen in December, that happen in April/May/June so that is the time Isa was born.

That is why many christian do not celebrate it but many 'supposed'  muslims want to be more christian than the most committed christian.


Rasulullah saw said,

"Whosoever resemble any nation will become like them"

So, don't say even if you are living in London,

"so what, we are living in London for God sake"

Yes, you are living in this multi-cultural society. We work alongside christian and Hindu but your FAITH. That is your greatest treasure and that is why you need to take good care of it.

I hope my brothers and sisters can understand this because wallahi it is really important if you want to protect your deen.

~share it to others~

sincerely : Ikhmal :) :)

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