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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Race To Jannah

 There are a lot of muslim who place the world on their head like a crown when the companions use to place their worlds on their hands and their religion like a crown. If their crown went out of the place, they would put what was in their hands on the ground.

So, the hereafter was on their head and when it went out of its place, they throw away the dunya. In order to fix their religion.

Today its the opposite.

My dear brothers and sisters, today is the opposite. They sacrifice their wealth.
There was a time my dear brothers and sisters, a story I want to tell you about Abu Bakar ra and Omar ra.

~Omar ra use to always try to beat Abu Bakar ra because this was their quality. They always jealous of each other when someone did a better good deeds. Not jealous of each other  when someone had more money or beauty or voice.They would love each other and try to beat each other for that which is who did a better  deeds.

One day the muslims were in need and they were in great poverty and the prophet Muhammad saw told the muslim to bring  what the have from their wealth if they are able to do so. So, Omar ra said,

"Today  wallahi I am going to beat Abu Bakar ra"

So, he went to his house and said,

"I am going to take half of everything in my house"

Even the earrings he took one earring and left another earring for his wife. He split his wealth in half and held a large bag over his shoulder and he walk with them. On his way, he saw Abu Bakar ra and he was only carrying a small amount and he said,

"Alhamdulilah, today I have beaten him"

This is how they race each other. When they reach to Prophet Saw, the prophet saw ask Omar ra,

"what have you left for your family? Have you look after them?"

He said "yes Rasulullah,, I have left half of my wealth"

Prophet saw said "Barakallahu feeka ya Omar"

Then he turned to Abu Bakar ra and he said what have you left for your family?

Abu Bakar said " I left for them Allah and his messenger"



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