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Monday, 2 March 2015

Sunnah in Toilet

Alhamdulilah, today it is my honor to share with you guys a little bit knowledge about sunnah that we can practice when it is about the toilet.

Most of us usually looking at the place called 'toilet' as a dirty place, and yes it is. But Islam has come and change that. Even toilet can become a place where we can get good deeds.

The follows is only a part of so many more sunnah that we can do when it comes about the toilet :D

1. Remove rings from the finger and anything that have the name of 'Allah' written on it.

2. Before you enter into the toilet, make sure you make a dua to ask Allah to protect you from the devils. The dua is as follows:

3. Wear something to cover your head. 

4. Wear sandals so that you will not step on something dirty.

5. Lift your clothes up so that it will not touch something dirty. 

6. When you enter into the toilet, begin with your left foot.

7. Avoid saying the name of Allah when you inside the toilet

8. Avoid speaking with anyone when you are inside it and if someone was calling you from the outside, it is enough for you to cough a little bit as to give they a sign that you are there.

9. Prophet Muhammad PBUH do not like for us to be naked inside the toilet.

10. Clean the place where the dirty filth come out with something hard first like stone or tissue and then with clean water.

11. Use your left hand when you want to wash the place the filth come out.

12. When you want to go out of the toilet, make sure the first step out is your right foot and read this dua:

13. When you want to pee or defecate, just lift your cloth up as minimum as you need and do not exposed the parts that is not necessary. 

14. Sit while pushing your left foot when you want to pee and avoid from it hitting a hard surface some of it the will bounce back  and your cloth will get dirty.

15. Make sure you clean the place after you are done with the business.

Hopefully, we can start to practice this slowly. Sorry for my bad grammars and do comment if you want to say anything to me. Thank you :)

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