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Monday, 17 December 2012

Be Shy To Allah

Bismillah, in shaa Allah this night I want to share something I heard from a islamic speaker from youtube.

It have such a great impact if we think honestly regarding our young muslim generation today. If we look in the perspective of haya(shyness) in their actions, we feel like they have greatly loss this quality.

They have taken something so big as lightly as a feather. I will be honest with you. Take a look at the pictures we upload on facebook, instagram and google plus, sometimes we didn't ever realize how that small action have affect the hearts of those who see it.


Brothers and sisters when you want to sin and you want to do something wrong. Remember the One who owns everything can see you. Don't make Allah see you when you lie,when you trick,when you fool, when you speak wrong, WHEN YOU ACT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION..

You respect others and you don't want them to see it. But when it comes to Allah......

Who is better than Abu Bakar ra ? Abu Bakar (ra) used to say to his people,

"Be shy of Allah, I feel shy of Allah that when I go to do my call of nature, I veil my face because I'm very shy of Allah"

Abu Musa Al-Asyari, the great companions said,

"I never had a bath standing up, I never straightened my back and I would always had my bath in dark place because I was shy of Allah"

He didn't want Allah to see his awrah..

Brothers, the shyness of these people reach to that extend  !!

It was narrated from Abu Hurairah that:
The Prophet [SAW] said: 
"Modesty (Al-Haya') is a branch of Faith."

Let us imagine this, think of a person who is most noble in your eyes and try to picture yourself in front of that person. How would you deal with it? You'll never dare to do that. 

Brothers and Sisters, prophet Saw told us that iman and shy is a pair, if one disappear then the other will disappear too. So lets take a deeper look at our actions. 

Have we have enough haya(shyness) that we can actually feel proud of ?

Take care of yourself no matter who you are and where you are . May Allah guide us all to the right path :))

Any comments please do so THANK YOU :)

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