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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Imam Give Dawah In a Night Club

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters.

When we talk about da'wah which is spreading the truth to others no matter if he is a believer or not. It is actually a responsibility that Allah has bestow upon you and me. Since the first time we hold the muslim title, it is our duty to spread this very da'wah .

Now, some of us might have done it with our family, friends and relatives. But, ask ourself this very question :

" To what extend I will go for this da'wah ?"

Da'wah is actually one of many ways we can express our love not just for our religion but also for our dear brothers and sisters.

Prophet Rasulullah saw said :

" Do not complete the iman of a believer until they love one another just as they love themselves "

A night club is a place where sins is committed especially by our young brothers and sisters today. In shaa Allah I want to share with all of you this time a story of an Imam. A brave one. The one who will stand for HAQ .

One day, in a masjid after finish praying isya' the elders saw a young brother where they know that this exact person was the one who always go to the night club. So, they came close to him and ask him :

" What makes you comes here ? "

While tears began to flows, he said :

" This is my story "

The imam of the area where I live, he is a man whose beard has grey. One day after praying isya' he look to the ma'mun and he saw only the elders was there so he ask them :

" Where our young brothers ? I do not see anybody except the elderly here"

The elders replied :

" Our young brothers and sisters are in the night club "

The imam asked again :

"What are they doing at the nightclub? What benefit will they have there ? "

They said :

" The nightclub have alcohol, dancers and women. Our young brothers are there singing and listening to the music "

The imam's heart began to feel sad and he look at the gathering in the mosque. He said :


They said to him :

"You are crazy. There is nothing there except alcohols and women. There is only in it nasty woman of the lowest kind "

The Imam said to them :


Only a few went with him there, Maybe 3 or 4 . As they reach the place, the bodyguards there stop the imam from entering the nightclub. The said to the imam :

" Are you lost ? This not a place for such as you. You should find the mosque. "

The imam said to them :

" No, I'm not lost. I come here to call our brothers and sisters in this place back to Allah. So, let me in "

The bodyguards won't allow him in until finally the call the owner of the nightclub. When he came, he said to the imam :

"I will not let you in because this is  my provision. I will not let you ruin my provision "

Then, the imam said to him :

" I want to make a deal with you, what if I give you the same amount of money that the brothers and sisters have spent here in the nightclub tonight ? I will give you all of it. Only if you let me in and talk to the brothers and sisters in it "

The owner finally agree to let the imam in.

When he enter the nightclub, the imam went straight on the stage and said these words to all the people in it :

" O young brothers and sisters of the ummah, Allah SWT didn't created us to waste time. Allah SWT didn't created us to play games. Allah SWT creates us to worship HIM and Obey HIM. "

Allah SWT said in His book :

" Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned ?

The imam keep on saying :

" Do not let yourself sink in the sins my brothers and sisters. Keep yourself away from sins. Give up the things of drug and alcohol and fornication and other sins. I am truely to you a WARNER "

When the imam walked out. Wallahi not even a single person stays behind.

So, my brothers and sisters. Take this story and keep it inside your heart. Spread this very da'wah even if others tell you to not.

Wallahi the reward you will get in the hereafter is much better than this whole world can offer you.

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