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Monday, 18 March 2013

Don't Become Like This People

Assalamualaikum my dear brothers and sisters :)

Its has been a long time since the last time I share with you. I hope this one will benefits both you and me  in shaa Allah.

But first and foremost let us all say this together ^^

My dear brothers and sisters...

Where do you fit in ? Where do you stand ? Do you wake up in the morning knowing that you belong to Allah ? You sleep at night do you remember that you belong to Allah ?

Do You realize that you live every single hour, minute, seconds on your life you belong to Allah or you believe that you belong to yourself ?

Where do you stand my brothers and sisters ?

That is why Allah have the right to command us to do that and that because we belongs to HIM. When Allah command you to do something then you must obey HIM. Don't even ask WHY ! Do not hesitate or think because it is Allah who command you to do so. He is your creator.

Allah says clearly in the Quran :

"No male believer or female believer when Allah ordains a matter that they have the rights to object"

Prophet Muhammad SAW said :

"What destroyed the previous nation before you, what destroy Bani Israel and Allah cursed them forever and Allah Azza wajalla made them from amongst that Allah send HIS wrath upon is because they use to disagree with their prophet. Their prophet will come with the command of Allah and they object ! "

Musa as came back after 40 days with the command from Allah SWT to Bani Israel and he says to them :

" O Bani Israel, Allah has ordained this command upon you"

They replied to Musa as :

" Oh Musa we are not to take those command just like that, we will look into it and take what we want and reject what we dislike "


Musa as was shocked ! Allah SWT reveals this commandants upon you after shown you His miracles . You see it with your own eyes !!

The snake of Musa eating all the snakes magician, the hand of Musa was glowing and the ocean splitting into 2 making a path for them to walk and miracle after miracle !!

Now your Lord !! The Lord of this Universe says to you take this commandants you replied :

" we will look into it and take what we want and reject what we dislike "

Nabi SAW says don't become like this people . When Allah command you to PRAY then pray ! When Allah command you to close your awrah then close it !

Who are you to disobey Allah. He give you all you have now. He promise you paradise !


When these people of Bani Israel says that Allah grab the mountains of needham and this mountain fly above them calling to them :


Imagine my brothers . A mountain !

Do not argue with Allah command !!!

When Bani Israel saw this they all prostrated and said they will take what Allah had command upon them.

But after what ?????

After reject it !!!!!!

Do not have doubt in Allah.

That is why Nabi SAW says don't become like this people .


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